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11 Shows And Panels You Need To Be At For SXSW Starting Today [Kosha Dillz] | hypebot

Sxsw-2019From indie rapper Kosha Dillz: "SXSW is in full swing. This is my life 11th year playing it officially out of 12 years in Austin.  There are certain shows and bands and panels I just wouldn't wanna miss. There are so many out there, I just think it is time to shed light on a few."
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PS. My big showcase is tonight  so of course come say hey and say you saw me on hypebot so we can give you free pickles and seltzer, since everyone else gives free food and alcohol.
1. KOKOKO!  3/14 Flamingo Cantina This band is from the Congo and the WOMEX showcase at Flamingo Cantina never disappoints. It is probably the coolest band I am stoked to see. Click here and see em.
2. Gangsta Boo  3/12 @ Parish. - The legend of the south that all of hip hop has imitated,. SXSW hip hop is basically all new generation of derivatives of Gangsta Boo and what she started in Memphis Tennessee along with Three 6 Mafia. Even today, hip indie pop writing white girls all want to be a "gangsta boo" in some sense of dress and lingo, creates a cultural legacy. The fact she is playing a JSWIPE (the jewish tinder) sponsored show is amazing right before Phony Ppl. A cultural Icon. Yeah Hoe. Click here to RSVP your spot.
3. Ben Buck 3/12 @ Parish - Hustler of the year award goes to this young scrapper in Austin. besides Abhi the Nomad and Phranchyze and Zeale, he is the people's champ of Austin. Watch him tuesday night at Parish.
4. What I like about you: Artists seeking brands  3/14 - Allison Shaw of manic monkey, recently announced booker for Moog Fest in North Carolina, heads up a packed line up for talkers for the ways brands can integrate with bands. Personally If you are into creating income and impact, this is something you don't wanna miss. Click here to learn more about the panel.
5. Big Wy's Brass Band 3/16 - I went to the SXSW for indie rock but fell in love with jazz and brass. Think Soul Rebels but from Austin.  They play the 16th at Esther Follies.
6. Bandsintown Big Break Showcase 3/13 - The only fan data driven showscase at SXSW.  It will be held on Wednesday, March 13th from 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM on the rooftop of Maggie Mae’s on 6th Street in Austin.
7. Music industry as a student 3/15 - These kids are who you wanna know. Az Cohen, Brandon Ewer, Kelsie Smith, and Jake Marrow. This will probably be the most lit for any student or old head trying to come up on what is relevant in young knowledge.  RSVP to their friday panel and look these 4 people up. 
8. Spotify Workshop 3.14 Here is your chance to get in with people who work at Spotify. It isn't Rap Caviar curators, but it could be a nice foot in the door. Check out the panel here.
9. Phony Ppl 3/12, 3/13 3/14 - Playing the closing show of the OY VEY showcase with Kosha Dillz to NPR things, Stub Hub, and Brooklyn Vegan, this band is the one to watch that will blow up.
10. H2the 3/16 @ Mohawk Indoors - At  the Angel events presents gig, this cool synth pop RnB mish - mash will be a nice mix in with all the other craziness of rap. A smooth way to finish off SXSW. Check them here.
11. Demo Listen 3/16 Jackie Palazzolo/VICE- Not to say Jackie is the woman of vice will turn you into the next break out star, but it is nice that someone who curates lots of dope sounds with a friendly smile on her SXSW profile can be your demo listening Mentor. Check it out here and search everyone. I'd even go there and just hang out and see who doesn't show up.
Hope to see you at the events in the city of austin. It is a beautiful place where anything can happen and great booking agents make bad decisions and new management make historic discoveries. You don't need to play everyday to be a break out star and supporting other people helps the next one.  See you on the street for a taco? Or maybe at my panel. on Saturday with Wendy Day ??
Kosha Dillz is a rapper and curator of OY VEY SXSW, an anti-anti-semitism show at SXSW that bridges together  Jewish culture with people from all background in music. He loves to rap everywhere in the world and sometimes even on the street. Make sure you give him a follow on twitter and email him at rapperfriends@gmail.com if you have large sums of money or advice on dating. 
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