Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tips For Writing A Music Resume Which Will Get You Results | Music Think Tank

Guest post by Chloe Bennet 

Music industry absolutely requires you to have a professional, engaging and well formatted resume to get the job hunt success that you are looking for. Music is a field in which there is a fluid collection of skills which you need to be able to demonstrate you have on paper, and not all of them are that simple to explain. It can be a daunting task trying to go about proving your suitability for a music firm through the resume, especially if having a good resume is a pre-requisite to earning yourself an interview.

So, with that all said, here are some methods for writing a great music resume.

Tailor It

Firms don’t want to have to worry about your loyalty as an applicant. There isn’t a whole lot you can prove about yourself as an applicant on paper so you ought to look for ways in which you can reassure them by tailoring your resume to their company. “For a music agency, employing faithful managers is really important, since changes to their roster can be really difficult to deal with”, writes Louis Woolfenden, HR at BoomEssays and Essayroo. “So, set off on the right foot by making it clear that your resume is designed specifically for your application to their company, not a generic resume you distribute to everyone.”

Emphasize Experience

The entertainment industry is a world built almost entirely on experience. Though having a fancy degree from a fancy university, or a whole range of interesting, unrelated accomplishments are very impressive facets, which aren’t necessarily unhelpful per se, your biggest card to play in trying to get an experience is your experience card. Music firms need to be able to rely on you to perform to the high standards and intense demands of client management, and ideally, they want concrete proof of your ability in the form of the details on your resume. Don’t forget this as some companies will actually discount you entirely without the requisite real-world experience.


To continue off the point above, a great way you can provide proof and reassurance that you are a suitable candidate to be invited to an interview is by making sure that your resume indicates the previous people and companies for whom you have worked. If you are senior, then getting direct quotes from previous clients can be a strong play. If you are more junior, then you just want to make sure that you have your references in order for their inspection. Either way, this form of proof can be an extremely valuable tool to help you get your foot in the door of that interview room.

Demonstrate Your Diversity

Showing your employer your flexibility is a really important step towards securing that  position. Music industry requires you to fill a whole range of roles in your clients’ lives. You can be expected to be able to do pretty much anything, from admin and HR work to fashion and media management. It is important that your ability in a multitude of roles shines through in your resume. Getting a potential employer to see how diverse your expertise is, and to what extent you can handle a multi-faceted roll, is a great way to get your application to stand out above others and earn you an interview.

People Skills

At its most essential root, most entertainment industry jobs require a real ability with people. “Your resume has to show how much of a people person you are…you aren’t managing cattle, you’re managing people and if you’re not able to prove your capacity for handling people, that’s going to play against you in a significant way”, advises David Kim, career writer at Essay Service and BigAssignments. Show your experience in entertainment but be imaginative about including other jobs you’ve held that have required people management.


Putting together a good music resume essentially involves promoting the aspects of your background which best correspond with the world of entertainment management. Displaying your skills requires you to think outside the box and backing it all up requires turning to references and testimonials. Hopefully with these tips you will be earning an interview in no time!

Chloe Bennet is a tech editor at Assignment Help and OXEssays services. She writes about career tips, helps with resumes and cover letters. Also, Chloe teaches the art of public speaking at Paper Fellows, educational portal.




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