Tuesday, February 12, 2019

TIDAL lets users mute Artists and Tracks | Music Business Worldwide

TIDAL has become the latest streaming company to allow users to block artists.

The company’s announcement follows last month’s news that it was adding a block feature its platform.

According to TIDAL, specific artists and tracks can now be muted in its ‘algorithmically curated’ playlists, My Mix and Artist and Track Radio.

To remove specific content from the playlists, users can press a block icon that will appear on the “playing” page.

Once the block icon button is selected, either the specific track can be blocked or users can choose to mute the artist’s entire catalog.

Playlists will then skip the current track, and remove the content from all Artist and Track Radio and My Mixes playlists immediately.

Blocked content can be reviewed in TIDAL’s settings, where blocked artists can be unblocked.Music Business Worldwide

[from http://bit.ly/2kVf04A]

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