Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Penny Fractions: User-Centric Streaming and Other Radical Streaming Proposals | Penny Fractions

Hello, hello. I’ll be upfront — this week’s newsletter is a bit out there, but next week’s will be much more grounded on individual company analysis (guess who?). I’m sure most won’t mind, but I wanted to just flag that for y’all. My other upfront ask is for y’all to check out a little Penny Fractions survey I created right here. This newsletter is almost at 2000 subscribers. I wanted to ask y’all a few questions, so if you could take the time to answer them I’d really appreciate it. This week’s newsletter starts with a second look at the user-centric streaming model, then turns left, right, and ends up with some punk lyrics, so let’s have some fun!


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