Thursday, February 28, 2019

Magic Records: Copyright Free Music For Mixing, Monetizing | hypebot

1For those weary of the same tired royalty free music, Magic Records offers an excitingly large catalog of copyright free music in the techno/electronic vein, and is available for use by producers, artists, and mixers. Here we look at how this resource can be utilized.


Guest post by Bo Turner of Repost Network

Why do producers, artists and mixers love Magic Records? This techno and electronic record label with a presence on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube has an extremely handy copyright-free policy. All music that is released under Magic Records is copyright-free, meaning artists can use and monetize the label’s music without any repercussions. Their catalog includes a multitude of genres including chill future bass, trap, hip hop, electronic instrumentals, and more - all available for reuse.

How to Use

Within each video description posted on Magic Records’ pages, you can find instructions on how to use and credit Magic Records before repurposing their content (example shown below). Keep in mind that in order to use Magic Records content, you must give proper credits to the original creator. Check out Magic Records’ full catalog with download links included by visiting their Soundcloud page biography.

If you’re looking to have your own music posted as copyright free content, you can also submit tracks to Magic Records for personal promotion/reuse, using a submission form (link attached here). If interested in Magic Records, feel free to visit their official websiteto learn more and find yourself some content to use!


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