Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How To Release Your Own Music – Full Presentation | Music Think Tank

In January 2019 I was asked to present a talk on how to release your own music to a group of people in Riga, Latvia.

It was the first time I’d done anything live, with regard to self-releasing, but I took up the challenge and wanted to fit as much information into the talk as possible.

Turns out, I went overboard and spoke for almost TWO HOURS on the topic! I had so many stories, tips and things I wanted to discuss.

Anyway, I re-recorded the presentation here, and was more concise and a little faster. I managed to get the presentation down to a little over an hour.

You can watch the full presentation here and it should give you a really good overview to releasing music yourself.

It covers:

  • The release process and what’s involved.
  • How to make sure your music is good enough.
  • My own backstory and release history.
  • Budgeting for releases.
  • ways to get your music out there.
  • ways to build your audience and fanbase.
  • The differences between releasing yourself and on other labels.
  • Other ways musicians are making money.
  • A range of lessons and tips.

It should serve as a really solid primer, and combined with my blogs and courses it should have everything you need to get started!

[from http://bit.ly/1n4oEI8]

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