Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Could The Proliferation Of Indie Streaming Platforms Be Harming Unsigned Artists? | hypebot

3As the major streaming platforms continue to bludgeon each other in hopes of gaining an industry monopoly, unsigned artists are seeking better, independent options for sharing their music with the general public - unfortunately, all these smaller platforms face a number of shortcomings.


In this new post to MusicThinkTank, contributor Ghostly Beard tackles the issue unsigned artists face in the proliferation of indie streaming platforms, even as they seek an alternate option to the streaming majors.

"The dilution of the actual catalog of available music on these platforms as well as the public’s ability to subscribe to any of them, let alone all, is reduced, meaning that the chance for any of them to become the next big thing that will efficiently promote new music and a new landscape is small, and getting thinner by the day.

In the end too much alternative might just mean no alternative."

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