Friday, January 11, 2019

YouTube Music Poised To Replace Google Play As Android Default Audio Player | hypebot

YouTube-icon-full_colorA look at the under the hood of a recent YouTube Music app update shows strong evidence that Google may be about to make it the default music player within its Android operating system. The move could help catapult YouTube Music from also-ran to top tier music streamer.

Apple guaranteed the success of iTunes and later Apple Music in 2003 by making it the default music player preloaded on all Apple iOS devices.

A similar APK teardown in November revealed that YouTube Music was experimenting with a feature that would on play all "audio files on your device,” a crucial step to replacing Play Music on Android devices as the default audio player.

Reaffirming that YouTube Music will replace Google Play as the default audio player on all Android devices are now new icons suggesting YouTube Music could be "systeminstalled."

"The icons themselves are identical to the current version, but there is a new naming scheme," according to 9t05Google.  


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