Thursday, January 31, 2019

With Spotify Canvas, Artists Add Moving Visuals To Tracks | hypebot

Spotify newSpotify is beta testing Canvas, a new feature which allows artists and labels to add a fullscreen, 3-8 second moving visual to tracks. It replaces cover art and will loop in the Now Playing view of the Spotify app.

"Right now, we’re testing this feature with a small, diverse group of artists and using their feedback to improve before we expand availability," says Spotify. "We’ll be rolling out this feature to more artists and labels over time."

Indie music marketer and producer Sebastien Lintz posted this Spotify Canvas experiment Twitter.

Repost Network is among the distributors with artists testing Canvas, and they shared this gif in which the song tile "Pain" slowly disappear and reappears in a loop while the track by mysticphonk plays.

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Artist may still be able to join the beta test via their digital distributor. Fans can apply to the Alpha and a Beta test program for the Spotify mobile apps here.



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