Friday, January 11, 2019

Spotify Now Has More Than 200 Million Active Users, says Global Communications Head Dustee Jenkins | hypebot

Spotify newSpotify passed 200 million monthly active users last week,  revealed during an interview at CES yesterday. Jenkins promoted the streamer's push into podcasts and shared that podcast listeners also consume more music than average on the platform.

Spotify had 191 million users as of it's November 1st report to investors.

Podcast Push

"We believe there is a future - a significant opportunity in podcasts.  It's a game-change," according to Jenkins, who added that podcasts and content diversity are also drawing more new users to the Spotify. 

Two additional big podcast pluses for Spotify are that unlike musicians, podcasters are not paid every time content is streamed, and the more time users spend on the streamer,  the more chances they have to deliver advertising. 

Watch the full interview via Cheddar here.




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