Wednesday, January 9, 2019

High Notes: How Intelligent Artists Seek Further Inspiration | Music Think Tank

Artistry isn’t the easiest thing. Making great art isn’t something that you can simply do on command. It’s a process that calls for a lot of thought and care. It’s a process that requires a degree of “magic,” too. If you’re a smart artist who wants inspiration that can assist you with your work, then you should look into various helpful routes right now.

Soak up Amazing Art

If you’re an artist who is stuck in a creative rut, you can get inspiration back by listening to works of art that strike a chord with you. Listen to some of your favorite tunes from childhood. Watch a classic film that’s evocative and poignant. Go to a museum to look at the finest paintings from decades and centuries past as well. All of these things may help you feel energized and excited about working again.

They Speak with People Who Know Just How They Feel

Intelligent artists frequently cope with creativity ruts by connecting to others who know perfectly well how they feel. If you want to find inspiration, you should seek advice from people who have conquered unpleasant ruts in the past. Ask successful artists how they dealt with not being able to come up with excellent ideas for days or weeks on end. Ask them how they realized they were finally out of their ruts as well.

Rely on Inspiration from All Sources

Recreational cannabis can be helpful to brilliant artists who are all about in-depth inspiration. If you’re keen on unwinding, relaxing, and forgetting all of your concerns for a while, recreational cannabis may be able to get you on the right track. For instance, there are many highly regarded recreational cannabis dispensaries (in legal states), so that you can browse all of the available choices.

Pamper Themselves Appropriately

Stress can interfere greatly with inspiration and the creative process. If you want to escape from artistic obstacles, then you should take a break for a while. Give yourself time for a soothing nap. Head outdoors for a walk that can help clear your head. Take a pleasantly warm bath. If you relax, you may just pinpoint your source of inspiration again. Time can often be a wonderful elixir.

Intelligent artists know how to cope with creative ruts. They know that these ruts are never permanent, too. If you’re an artist who doesn’t want to let stumbling blocks get the best of you, recreational cannabis may be a superb addition to your days.


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