Monday, January 7, 2019

Get The Show On The Road With Gig Transport! | Music Think Tank

Make Your Gig Transport Simple 

No matter your choice of medium, bringing your art on the road is key to your success. Whether you’re a musician, actor, or travelling artist, you’ll need to consider packing up as safely and efficiently as possible before a tour.

We’ve put together a quick guide to getting the show on the road no matter what your gig entails. These simple tips should be beneficial to the smallest performance or the largest showcase.


Five Easy Ways To Get To Your Next Gig In Style

1. Invest in a trailer

A trailer can be affixed to your current vehicle to hold your equipment before your next gig. Trailer storage can be locked up during the show and accessible to your group when they need a tune-up. Many people also use their trailer as a home when they’re always travelling and need a place to sleep.


2. Research what your venue can offer you 

Artists, especially musicians, need their signature equipment to play. However, solo acts such as DJs can utilize resources from venues without the need to travel with heavy luggage. If your venue is willing to rent out or provide sound equipment, you can get away with one bag packing with your vital necessities.


3. Travel in a caravan

Major events require many people for the best performance that will draw a crowd. Music festival gigs usually need roadies, merchandise sellers, and the act themselves. Make a vacation out of your job by travelling with friends in different vehicles. This can turn into a road trip for the ages and you’re sure to have help when you reach your destination.

Consider offering your help VIP deals so they can attend the show. Free merch and pay is always welcome to assist in a favor. Be sure to help compensate for gas and lodging if you’re going on a long tour.


4. Have a fail-proof plan with far away friends

If you travel to gigs for work, you’re sure to make a lot of friends in many different places. Many of these may also be people who are experienced with your type of craft. If you’re stressing about lugging all your gear to the next show, give a far away friend a ring and see if they have what you need and what’s in the best condition for a live performance.

If you have a plethora of instruments, consider lending back-ups to friends in places you regularly tour in order to pick them up when you’re in town. You can even store them in their garage or any storage space so you know your tunes will be there when you need them.


5. Consider a professional team

Roadies and assistants are always up for hire for large and small gigs. Look to promotional teams and professionals in the area of your gig who are looking for jobs around the time of your performance. Sound technicians and experts should be at hand backstage in case anything goes wrong.


Keep Your Gigs Easy and Breezy!

Being a travelling performer is more than just playing a gig. You’ll want to be prepared and ready for the show without the added stress of last minute details and frantically trying to find a solution. 

What makes a great gig is the confidence and preparation of the performers involved, as well as their team. Holding gigs is a lot different than having a permanent residence on stage. Each venue is different but your live performances are critical for success so you can continue living your dream.


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