Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Zoe Keating Shares Spotify, Streaming Earnings 2018 | hypebot

image from www.skylineonline.comCellist and composer Zoe Keating has won legions of  fans with recordings and performances that use live sampling to create a rhythmically and sonically dense, almost otherworldly sound. To her fellow independent artists, she's also an inspiration and a thought leader.

The centerpiece of Keating's outreach is the much anticipated annual release of her Spotify and other streaming data, including earnings. 'Highlights' of her 2018 report range from 2.25 million streams on Spotify netting her $12,231 to a $15 check from YouTube Music and a shoutout to Bandcamp.

As a truly independent self-recorded, self-released and self-published artist, Keating's earnings offer a snapshot devoid of the complex deals and splits that cloud the income analysis of many of the other artists that randomly share their streaming stats.

This year, Keating  announced her earnings to her 990,000 Twitter followers

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