Friday, December 7, 2018

Lessons for 2019, from 20+ music and tech conferences. | Water & Music

Happy Friday! Hope you are all excited for the winter holiday, and are taking some time to reflect on the year that just flew by.

While this won't be my last newsletter of 2018, I thought I would dedicate today's essay to sharing some reflections of my own. In particular, I've spent over 20% of this year on the road speaking at several conferences around the world, and have gathered some high-level thoughts on how I think these types of events can improve in the future.

I've also had an influx of new subscribers since the last issue (in part after my brief brush with virality), and would love to hear from you if you're new to Water & Music—feel free to reply directly to this email with an intro, and it'll go straight to me!


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