Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A2IM Sets Indie Week 2019 Dates, Opens Libera Nominations | hypebot

A2IM Indie weekIndependent music trade group A2IM announced that their 2019 Indie Week will take place on June 17-20 at The New York Law School.  Nominations for the indie music Libera Awards are also open.

A2IM has pledged to make this year's four day gathering of the indie music tribe a more equal affair, with 50% of all performers, presenters, crew and panelists held by women. All will also be paid for the first time.

A2IM“Fairness and a level playing field for all are mission imperatives for A2IM," CEO Richard James  Burgess said in a statement. "It is with this mindset that we strive to support and advocate for gender balance, general diversification of our workforce at all levels, and equitable compensation. A year ago, we consciously committed to these principles and achieved our initial goal by June 2018. We want a truly just workplace for all and A2IM will double down to recognize talent, without bias. This is congruent with our dedication to ensuring that music creators are compensated fairly by all platforms for any use of their music.” 

Register to attend Indie Week here.

Libera Awards Nominations Open

image from a2im.orgSubmissions to the 2019 Libera Awards are also open. You have until January 31, 2019 to put forth a nominations

All nominee submissions must be for music, projects, or achievements that are related to commercially released projects in the United States via an independently owned/controlled label or artist during the period between March 1, 2018, through December 31, 2018.  Submissions are $30 each.

A2IM members get an exclusive discount on submission fees and all 2019 Libera Award sponsors receive free submissions. Make your nominations here.



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