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7 Best Outdoor Music Venues Of 2019 | Music Think Tank

Music is the thing that has always remained close to the soul. Whether we are going for a picnic, camping, hiking, road trips, or waiting for something, music is the ultimate time pass. Music can make everything seem more interesting. So, here we are going to tell you some things about the most amazing outdoor music venues. These destinations can surely make a place in the Gear Spie Blog for Outdoor fun. So, explore these places and decide which one you like the most.


1: Gorge Amphitheater, Washington:

It is the most secluded venue of the list. This place has the capacity to hold 27,500 people with stunning views. This venue has won hearts of its visitor and holds numerous awards for being the most attractive place. It is like a dreamland for its scenic locations. It is known for hosting many annual festivals like Paradiso Festival, Music Festival, and others too. You will find a lot of attraction around this place. There is also a river nearby, i.e. Columbia River. The camping ground is very close and you will have a chance to end your trip with a classic Biker dinner.


2: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado:

From Colorado, the Red Rocks amphitheater is very near. You can land in Denver and take a 20-minute ride to get there. This place has hosted various music events including The Beatles. This incredible place makes the acoustic sound vibrate through the walls to reach your heart. You can see and enjoy live music and explore Denver skyline day and night. Even though the Red Rocks only have the capacity of 9,525 people yet people came here every year to experience the grace of music and nature uniting beautifully.


3: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin:

This grand place has the capacity to hold 37,000 people. Thus it serves as an amazing place to host music events. No matter how much the time has changed, Alpine Valley is still one of the most beautiful and spectacular locations for live music. The Valley is only less than 2-hour car ride away from Chicago. Plus you can find a lot more other things to do around. There are varieties of places for camping on the outskirts of Troy.


4: Blossom Music Center, Chicago Falls, Ohio:

As the name implies this place blossom every year and holds various music events. This place will lure you towards itself as it is one of the loveliest places to hang around. The music center is surrounded by creeks, forests, and rivers. There are various sites where you can go for camp and enjoy the treasures of National Park. Although this place doesn’t have much impressive Mountain View yet it doesn’t lack any other thing.


5: Red Butte Garden Amphitheater, Salt Lake City, Utah:

If you haven’t heard much about this Salt Lake Amphitheater, then it is time that you pay a visit. It is more like a local music center that why it has stayed under the radar. But just because it is not that popular that doesn’t mean that this place lacks the features. This beautiful place is located at the bottom of Utah University, a place which is called Red Butte. And that’s how this place got its name. It only has the capacity for 3000 people. But this place has experienced major music gems in past years.


6: Hollywood Bowl, California:

This venue is famous for holding various music concerts. The amazing outdoor venue is known to hold concerts, orchestras, sing-a-long music performances, and much more. It is the most perfect destination for families and couples. The place hosts amazing events every New Year’s Eve and this year it will be the same. It has a capacity for 17,500 people, so book your tickets now and be a part of New Year’s first event.


7: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland:

If you have never seen a legendary outdoor music venue, then Merriweather will leave you stunned. This place can hold 19,319 people at once. It is a marvelous place surrounded by greens, creeks, rivers, and hills. But the best thing is the pool and lounge area where the music legends wait before they go in front of the music lovers. This place has a long history of music and yet remained a part of the music culture.

Well, the list of outdoor venues might get very long but there are few that are worthy to stay in the bucket list. We can surely tell that once you get to any of these places, you will feel horrendous joy and overwhelming music vibes.

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