Friday, November 2, 2018

Voter Suppression | Lefsetz Letter

America is about fairness. At least it used to be. A man’s word is his bond. You can count on the law. The little guy is protected. How are we supposed to believe in our country if the rules keep changing and we don’t have a say? Isn’t that why we revolted against the British in the first place, no taxation without representation?

This has been a long game folks. With paving laid over years. It’s all about illegal voting. Whether it be illegals or those unentitled to vote or those voting multiple times. But every study says this is a non-factor, but say it enough and people believe it, especially when they repeat and amplify it on Fox and talk radio and the internet, if they say it it must be true! Then again, the listeners must have been absent that day when the teacher asked if you believed everything in the newspaper. The answer was no. Assuming you went to a school not teaching to the test inspiring to be all you could be, before the Army stole our mantra to get you to enlist and get killed, but those with a future, with opportunity, the educated, could read the signs, parse the tea leaves, so they stayed out, and only the lower classes joined up, to the point where rules are bent so people can qualify.

Of course this is about winning. But it’s also about THOSE people. You know, the ones who don’t look like “America.” The African-Americans, the Latinos, this is racism pure and simple, and it’s not only embraced at the state and local level, but the Supreme Court, where they said voting laws were unnecessary, because racism is dead. I want to see what they say when it comes time to protect my Jewish ass. Oh, that’s right, Jews have all the money and rule entertainment and banks so there’s no anti-Semitism. Right? WRONG!

Meanwhile, African-Americans are in jail on trumped-up charges and with felonies on their records are unable to vote. And Native Americans live on the reservation, but without a street address they can’t vote in North Dakota. And in Georgia, you’re stripped from the voting rolls until you resubmit and everything is perfect. Otherwise, a black woman might become Governor!

Not that the left learns from lessons. This is how George Bush the junior became President, the elected official in Florida kept bending the rules. And then the right-leaning Supreme Court gave the office to Bush and Al Gore, trying to display gravitas and the spirit of competition he learned in the Ivy League, said it was okay…BUT IT WAS NOT!

That’s right folks, you haven’t gotten over a black President born who knows where and we haven’t gotten over the insanity at the turn of the century.

I mean come on. They teach you to play the game honestly. To let the best man or woman win. But then they change the rules, hope nobody can detect their duplicity and win in the end. The game is rigged folks. Even worse, the system is antiquated. Between gerrymandering and the fiasco in the Senate, i.e. overrepresentation for uninhabited states, it’s almost impossible for the Democrats to take control. That’s why people are not bothering to vote, it seems fruitless. And all that hogwash from entertainers saying their fans should exercise the right to vote… No, tell them to exercise the right to vote DEMOCRATIC!

Meanwhile, real Republicans like Max Boot are telling their readers not to vote for any Republican.

You can’t screw the public for this long and get away with it. At some point the people revolt. And one thing we’ve learned is the Democrats are the majority, we keep winning the vote and losing the election.

They put that woman in Texas in jail for five years for voter fraud, how about putting these sniveling nincompoops who’ve prevented good, hard-working Americans from voting in jail, where they belong, along with the Wall Streeters who blew up the economy and got paid by the government in return.

Meanwhile, with few taxes and the excoriation of public schools by the right wing the public is less educated than ever before, people can’t understand, never mind analyze the issues. These are the same idiots who are against the ACA but want their Medicare. The same people who benefit from the government but want their benefits taken away. It’s like no one can see the big picture.

Are you discouraged? I certainly am. When you go to court and you lose anyway. Those damn immigrants working in Dodge City should have cars to drive to the polls, or go back where they belong. Meanwhile, if every immigrant left the country, who’d do your laundry, who’d clean your hotel room. These are hard-working people keeping their heads down and trying to get a piece of the rock.

As for African-Americans… Everybody’s imitating them, consuming their music and films and comedy, but those are the only opportunities they’ve got, the whites have done a good job of closing doors so they can get the gigs themselves. Affirmative-action my ass. I’m entitled to that job!

What are you entitled to in America?

While they keep yelling USA! USA!, telling us it’s the greatest country in the world while chanting that Hillary Clinton should be locked up while the President lies and…

He’s just trying to win folks. It’s as if you ran and dissembled, telling the populace that Trump had sex with Ivanka and stole money from Bank of America and promised Putin he’d sell him the country.

No, but you won’t do that, you believe in truth, justice and the American Way.

Where’s Superman when you need him?


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