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Types Of Music To Listen While Doing Yoga | Music Think Tank

If you like yoga you probably listen to a specific, music genre while exercising. How do we know that? 3 out of 4 yogis listen to music while exercising. If we add that more than 80% of them exercise at home, we know that each person has the countless abilities to create his own playlist. During just one workout, you will be able to listen to around 12 songs. Anyway, now we must reveal which types of music you can listen while doing yoga.

The Combination of Yoga & Music

Meditation music

Around 70% of people who do yoga prefer listening to meditation music during their workouts. The most popular artist is Liquid Mind. The main reasons for that are simple. Yoga is commonly related to meditation, relaxation, and peace of mind in general. This type of music is literally linked to all these things so you can deduce why it is the most common.

Traditional Indian


Traditional Indian is ranked as the second most common due to the fact around 37% of the yogis prefer listening to this type while doing yoga. Some of the best playlists can be found on Pandora and there are no limits here. You can listen to any artist you like.


Thanks to 26% of yogis who prefer this music genre, it is on our list, among other popular music types. Some of the best bands to listen include Grouplove and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Of course, we only mentioned the most popular ones. You are free to listen to any band you like. In addition, here we can add that the Vinyasa flow is the most popular of them all with 57% of people following it.

Classical music

Around 16% of people who do yoga listen to classical music during their workouts. An average workout is between 30 and 60 minutes so you can listen to a lot of different songs and more advanced pieces of classical music. Among the most popular artist are Mozart and Beethoven. Classical music is appreciated because it relieves stress and improves the peace of mind, which makes it great for yoga.



How many of you believe that pop music is the most frequently listened among yogis? Probably all of you. However, only 9% of yoga practitioners listen to pop music during their workouts. A thing you probably know is that the most popular artists are Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. After all, they are the most popular artist in the world. People who prefer this type of, music while doing yoga usually like more eccentric moves and fast-paced workouts.


There is a small difference in the popularity between pop and folk music among yogis. Around 8.5% of them prefer folk music with Bob Dylan being the most popular artist of this type. It is also common for people to switch between folk and pop music genres or to combine these two music forms. Luckily you can find millions of sons online within seconds.


7.5% of yogis prefer electronic music. This form of music will give you positive vibes while doing yoga and it can help you speed up the process. Of course, it is rarer than other music types and there are no, the most popular artists here. Each yogis prefer a different thing. This music is especially popular when Yoga teachers find retreat for hire and organize group retreats.

Everybody Has Their Own Sense for Good Music

Which music type you prefer of the mentioned ones? Chances are high that you like meditation music. If not, try to find a music genre and the most appealing songs for you and listen to them while doing yoga. You will get de-stressed within seconds and you will be able to get the full power of yoga easier than ever before.

Types Of Music To Listen While Doing Yoga


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