Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Bodyguard | Lefsetz Letter


There are enough twists and turns to eclipse a roller coaster.

Then again, roller coaster rides end ninety seconds later, “The Bodyguard” stays with you.

It’s tense. Tension is underrated. It makes the world go round. Or maybe that’s anxiety. Both are feelings we want to avoid, but we’re never more alive than when we experience them. So you can turn “The Bodyguard” off, or you can stay tuned in while your blood temperature rises and you keep watching until the end for relief.

And the final episode is a bit of a disappointment, it gets a bit cheesy. But that final scene in the examination room…

We’re afraid of terrorists. Many of us are afraid of Muslims. But if you live in America, your contact is minimal. The funny thing is the people who are most scared live where terrorists will attack last. At least foreign terrorists, whether Muslim or not. You see they go for the cities, they want to have the most impact, and ironically those are the blue districts. Which are relatively kumbaya. But then you watch “The Bodyguard” and ask yourself…should I be afraid?

And should I be afraid that Trump is burying the FBI and CIA, that the truth is never gonna come out. Or that these organizations have gone rogue. And what is everybody hiding, one thing’s for sure, Trump’s hiding a bunch, then again, a lot of his misdeeds are out in the open and he’s surviving just fine.

But this is the U.K. With a long history of terrorist attacks. How much of your freedom are you willing to give up to feel safe?

But it’s worse than that, you’ve already given up so much. CCTV. There are cameras everywhere, especially in England, but here too. If you want to commit blue collar crime, if you want to commit crime based on physicality, you’d better stop right now, you’re gonna get caught. That’s what overwhelms you with “The Bodyguard,” they’ve got it all on hard drive. And we may think the police are incompetent, but give them enough time and they start to connect the dots…

Is this the kind of society we want to live in?

I’m flummoxed. We want no crime, but we don’t want Big Brother, and we are moving toward Big Brother, while the techies have no moral compass and the Luddites just tell us to tune out… But the worst thing is you’ve already given up your privacy. All your data is online, mostly for free, your address, your age, even if you never ever fired up the internet.

That’s one thing that killed the rock business, the shenanigans in hotel rooms. Now everybody’s got a camera, you cannot abuse women.

And “The Bodyguard” is full of powerful women. The Home Secretary, the head of the police. And the government workers are a rainbow of colors. There’s nowhere in the U.S. that’s like this. Maybe Toronto in Canada, but in England all the races have to get along, but that does not mean some are not suspicious, especially those inured to the old ways, living in the hinterlands, afraid of the other. Trump shouldn’t have bothered focusing on the caravan, he should have just told his acolytes to watch “The Bodyguard,” it would have scared the crap out of them.

But at times you wince, some things are too convenient, some of the plot twists unbelievable.

But the love, the desire…

You see women oftentimes make the first move. They send a signal. Most guys are passive, they’re waiting for the green light. And the most uptight appearing leader is a sexual animal just like the loser on the street. We’re all the same under the skin.

And the scenes of passion are real, they evoke desire in the viewer.

But “The Bodyguard” is less believable than “Fauda.”

But you’ve already decided not to go to the West Bank. But London?

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