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Marketing Music In 2018: Music Ally’s Sandbox Summit | hypebot

1In an effort to come together and share and discuss the current state of music marketing in 2018, Music Ally hosted an all-day Sandbox Summit conference, pulling in music industry leaders from across the global digital marketing space. Here we look at a breakdown of the day's events and what was learned from some of the key speakers.


By Interactive Marketing Manager Tanya Palaci from The Orchard's The Daily Rind

This year The Orchard sponsored and participated in Music Ally’s Sandbox Summit. The all day conference was held at London’s Art House in central London on October 31st and drew music industry leaders across the global digital marketing space.

We were very proud to have representatives from both our Nordic and UK Interactive Marketing teams speak on panels throughout the day. These creative professionals shed light on problem solving and new technologies available to support successful music marketing campaigns.

Nikoo Sadr, Senior Marketing Manager for the Nordics spoke on the panel The good the bad and the techy which surfaced ‘the pros and pitfalls of using the latest tech in marketing campaigns.’ Attendees learned key considerations such as having an open door policy when being approached by tech companies and remembering that it’s not about who has used the tools first, but more about learning from others and not rushing a campaign just to get the product out before anyone else. This is very important when testing out tech tools in a world full of new tech developments and social media opportunities.

Dan Griffiths, Senior Director of Interactive Marketing in the UK gave thoughtful and practical solutions in his segment Campaign surgery, How To Avoid Your Campaigns Flatlining. The key takeaway being to remain calm, plan ahead and only reacting to problems when there has been clear communication to all parties involved.

The day was filled with further insightful panels including one that pointed out the potential opportunities across the gaming and music communities. The discussion turned towards the collaboration of popular video game Fortnite and Drake’s big online gaming battle which yielded a significant number of streams from an untapped audience. We also saw the Global Head of Artist Services at YouTube present new changes and experiences within the platform as well as the rise of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscription services.

To end on a high note, The Orchard then hosted drinks for all members to come together, network and share ideas.

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