Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Apple, Facebook, Uber and Goldman Sachs trust this exec’s company with their data. Now, he’s turning his attention to the music industry. | Music Business Worldwide

The executive behind a data management tool relied upon by global giants like Apple, Facebook, Uber and Goldman Sachs believes he’s created the solution to the headaches of millions of recording artists.

Ben Mendoza is the founder of MDSL, an award-winning provider of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management (MDM) solutions.

Since the company was established in 1995, it has attracted the custom of the aforementioned companies (who all remain clients), in addition to the likes of SAP, Time Warner Cable and Unilever.

MDSL, which has offices in New York, London, Paris, Gothenburg, Tokyo and Hong Kong, currently manages over $6.5 billion of technology expenses annually.

Now, Mendoza is turning his attention to artists and music industry professionals, in order to help them “drive informed decisions” and grow their fanbase online.

Mendoza, who remains Chairman of MDSL, has formed new UK-based company Beatchain Ltd, a data science and digital marketing platform which claims to ‘revolutionize discovery, marketing and promotion in the music industry’.

The firm offers artists and their representatives AI-driven services which include: automated fan growth on social platforms; A&R insights; social media management; event promotion; and real-time online ad bidding.

“I wanted to turn my attention to the music industry because I believe there will be some radical changes to the way it approaches being successful.”

Ben Mendoza, Beatchain Ltd

It offers both a version for artists ( and a B2B version for major and independent record labels, artist managers, and promoters (

“From online purchases to streams to social media, the music industry creates huge quantities of data every day, but the information is scattered across disparate sources and checkouts,” said Mendoza.

“By bringing all of these data points together and using the latest in artificial intelligence, automation and dynamic data science techniques, we are able to help musicians and industry pros drive informed decisions in multiple areas of their artistry.”

He added: “I wanted to turn my attention to the music industry because I believe there will be some radical changes to the way it approaches being successful. We have unique technology that nobody else in the current landscape has the ability to offer.”

The Beatchain Ltd. team, led by Mendoza, consists of behavioral economists, PhD data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning experts and senior music industry professionals.Music Business Worldwide


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