Friday, October 12, 2018

When fans cut up your music, what happens to your brand? | Water & Music

Happy Friday!

I spent last week at A3C, one of the biggest hip-hop festivals and conferences in the U.S., to soak in Atlanta for the first time and speak on a panel about best metadata practices for artists and producers. I kept hearing the phrase "for the culture" over and over again in conversation, and have yet to encounter that same level of passion for sustaining cultural communities at other music business conferences of the same scale. Of course, Atlanta is a unique case—it's likely one of the top five cities in the world right now when it comes to cultural influence on the mainstream charts—and perhaps I had been to the wrong panels elsewhere. But, in any case, closing the gap between tech and culture is now top-of-mind for me.

Today's newsletter topic, at its core, is about the myriad ways that artists and their teams are trying to build more robust creation and innovation ecosystems around their work. There are some scrappily hand-drawn but hopefully helpful visuals to go along with the essay, so I've given it a separate section below. Enjoy!


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