Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Spotify Shares New Stats On 10th Anniversary | hypebot

Spotify newSpotify turns 10 the week, and in addition to a list of its most streamed tracks of the last decade, the streamer is sharing some impressive stats that go beyond the usuals subscriber counts.

  • 180 million monthly active listeners 
  • active in 65 countries 
  • As of August 31, 2018, the streamer has paid over $11.53 billion USD/ 10 billion EU to rights holders since launch
  • 40 million songs and podcasts in the library
  • 3 billion+ user-created playlists.
  • 2,000+ genres have been identified on Spotify, among them Wonky (electronic music characterized by synths with unusual time signatures), Shimmer Pop (a Swedish cousin of indie pop and indietronica), and British Blues (the blues … with a British flavor)
  • listening diversity,” or the number of artists the average user streams per month, has risen on Spotify over the past 10 years at an average of about 8% per year
  • In the 3 years alone, listening diversity increased about 40% on the strength of new personalized and editorial playlists—meaning people are listening to an increased number of artists on a regular basis

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