Friday, October 5, 2018

Is Music A Good Career Choice For Me/My Child? FAQ | hypebot

2Choosing a career in music is a decision that is often looked on dubiously by some of the more pragmatically minded professional adults in the world. That said, there are a number of pros to such a pursuit as well.


In this latest post on MusicThinkTank, Ariel Hyatt explores the question of whether a career in music is a disastrous move or the best decision you can ever make.

"There’s nothing stopping someone who will not be denied from having success in the music industry.  If you show up hungry every day and do whatever it takes you will succeed.  However, don’t expect that you will succeed immediately.  You need to be able to give it at least a couple of years. If you don’t find the success that you are looking for in 6 months and are discouraged, perhaps you don’t have the passion that you thought you had for it. "

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