Thursday, October 18, 2018

How To Make A Band Seem More Professional (On The Cheap) | hypebot

1If you're a local band that's still a little rough around the edges, getting anyone to care about your music or show an interest outside your immediate family and friends can be difficult. That said, here are a few ways to give your band that professional sheen without breaking the bank.


In this latest dispatch from MusicThinkTank, Nat Danger offers some tips on how to make your local band come off as a tad more professional, without having to spend vast sums.

"Starting a band is exciting. Sometimes, you just want to share whatever you have with everyone. Driving back from that fest this weekend, one of my friends eagerly showed off demos from his new hardcore band. There were no vocals, and the riffs weren’t arranged in the right order. He even scatted through some of the breakdowns for us.

That excitement is normal. But don’t let it tempt you to flood social media with every demo, iPhone picture, and video from practice. People don’t want to wade through low-quality content. "

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