Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Google Maps Adds Spotify, Apple, Google Music Integration | hypebot

image from media2.govtech.comGoogle Maps has added Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music integration as part of  major update that also includes more live traffic updates. Google Maps is also adding direct integration with popular music services.


The three music services are now all be available directly within Google Maps’ navigation screen. With Spotify on Android, users can also browse songs and playlists.

The goal is to make commuting to work less stressful:

"Commute data in 25 North American cities tells us daily commute times during rush hour traffic can be up to 60 percent longer than what you expect when you start your drive—resulting in a lot of stress, missed meetings, and skipped breakfasts. According to historical Google Maps data, people in North America spend a full day per month commuting—which almost adds up to a two-week vacation each year.  Plus, a bad commute can negatively impact the rest of your day, long after the actual commute is over."

PS: Why no Pandora?

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