Thursday, September 20, 2018

This Week’s Podcast-ME At The Capitol Congress | Lefsetz Letter

I was supposed to be the moderator.

Every couple of years, when the schedule is full, when the hammer is about to be put down, Steve Barnett unites the worldwide Capitol/Universal team for a confab in Hollywood. With new releases by no less than Troye Sivan and Paul McCartney in the pipeline, this year’s Capitol Congress was slated for August 8th.

It’s held at the ArcLight Hollywood. One theatre is…the theatre, the adjacent one is the green room. And in the middle of said afternoon, I got a text that my panel was delayed, because of the appearance of a special guest. But when I connected with Ambrosia, Capitol’s PR majordomo, she hinted if I wanted to come meet this special guest…

I decided to come early.

But just before I got on the freeway, I started to get texts wondering when I was going to arrive. Huh? I didn’t need to be there for hours, I was coming EARLY!

And I did. I hung around the green room conversing until suddenly they switched the schedule, could I now go on before the special guest?


It was quarter to three, they said my team would go on at 3:10.

Oh, by this time my team was only two, Tim Ingham and myself. It had gone from a moderated panel to a conversation. Which was cool, but I was worried whether Tim would ask me questions, but he seemed nice and gracious in e-mail and it was all copacetic until…

Ten to three. When I was asked if I could vamp for a few minutes because Tim was running late.


Although I was worried what to cover and what not to before Tim’s arrival.

And then minutes before three they said Tim was not coming, I had to do it alone. And we were gonna go on at 3:02.


I was walking from one theatre to the other saying to myself THIS IS SHOW BUSINESS and THE SHOW MUST GO ON and when I hit the stage I winged it.

This podcast is the result.

P.S. In case you don’t know, the special guest was Paul McCartney. You can hear his Capitol Congress interview with Marc Maron here: Paul McCartney

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