Monday, September 17, 2018

Sprint Could Single-Handedly Rescue Tidal As A Platform | hypebot

2Most streaming platforms have seen their share of woes, but perhaps none more so than TIDAL, which has been plagued with a flagging user base and numerous legal issues. A new partnership with Sprint could change things around for the platform, however, and give TIDAL a fighting chance.


Guest post by Bo Turner of The Repost Network

As of today, you as an artist are able to distribute your music into 25+ different platforms using Repost Network’s services. Here’s why you should consider adding Tidal to your list of enabled stores if you haven’t already.

Tidal’s Rough History

It’s no secret that Tidal has previously struggled to keep up with its many competitors in the music platform arena. Their subscriber growth has reportedly stalled since Tidal’s last official report dated two years ago, where they announced a count of 3 million users. During that time they were accused of making late payments to music labels distributing on the platform, as well as inflating their user count by over a million units. Things just simply haven’t turned up for the music store since. But now Sprint - a popular wireless services company - has implemented a premium bundle that could greatly benefit Tidal as a business.

Introducing Sprint’s Unlimited Premium

Sprint is attempting to outplay its competitors by releasing an abnormally large bundle for its users. The included benefits are:

  • 50GB LTE mobile hotspot to keep all your devices connected
  • The best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime
  • Lookout Premium Plus
  • Access to the largest streaming library with a Hulu Limited Commercials subscription
  • Music streaming with TIDAL
  • Streaming in full HD
  • Global Roaming in more than 185 worldwide destinations
  • In Mexico and Canada, enjoy Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data
  • And, of course, Unlimited data, talk and text nationwide

If for any reason you’d like to know more about Sprint’s plan, click here for all the necessary info.

Possible Success for Tidal

Including Tidal in the bundle not only brings a very much needed sense of publicity towards the platform but will undoubtedly increase the number of Tidal users in general. These users won’t be able to back out of their subscription either, unless they want to miss out on every other perk included in Sprint’s bundle. It’s almost inevitable that Tidal will see an increase in users once Sprint’s plan goes live… and that means more money given to artists distributing on the platform.

So whether or not you’re a loyal subscriber of Tidal’s, as an artist you should definitely be aware of the platforms possible growth. Enabling distribution onto Tidal definitely couldn’t hurt, especially at a time like this.


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