Friday, September 28, 2018

Spotify announces new education events for musicians | UNLIMITED | CMU


Spotify has announced a series of educational events for artists Stateside under the banner Co.Lab. Set to take place in New York and LA, the events will see various industry experts come together to impart wisdom. Well, hopefully wisdom. Not just gripes.

“Here at Spotify, we’re well aware that a whole lot more goes into building your career than meets the eye”, the company tells its Spotify For Artists community.

“As a modern artist”, it goes on, “you, your team or your label basically have to be experts in everything – from finding collaborators and building out release strategies, to planning tours and designing your merch”.

All of those things and more will be covered in the upcoming sessions, with Capitol’s Head Of Creative Sync Licensing Jenny Swiatowy, tour director Christian Coffey, studio engineer Jeff Ellis, music supervisor Morgan Rhodes and DJ Loric Sih all among those set to speak.

Details of the events and how to attend here.


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