Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Music Modernization Act Vote Late Today, Early Wednesday | hypebot

AMusic Modernization Actn official email sent to the offices of all U.S. Senators on Monday evening stating that the Music Modernization act had officially been hotlined, began a 24 hour countdown for a voice vote by the full Senate late on Tuesday or early on Wednesday.

On Monday,  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren became the 75th of 100 Senators publicly endorsing the bill. Her full support had been in question. 

Senate leadership appears confident that they have overcome any objections to the bill. If one Senator votes no, it will open the bill to debate in the Senate, as well as,  new amendments. Given the overflowing pre-election Senate docut, this could delay the next vote until November or even kill it for the foreseeable future.

Senators were sent a final version of the bill on Friday. The bill did not include any of the changes proposed by Sirius XM and opposed by music industry trade groups. Sirius XM objected to the portion of the legislation that would force them to pay for the use of pre-1972 recordings.

We'll be following developments closely.

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