Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lefsetz Live! | Lefsetz Letter

That’s right, I’ve got my own talk show on SiriusXM’s Volume, channel #106, starting tomorrow at 7 PM Eastern and 4 PM Pacific, and if you’re in between, I know you can figure out the time, I’m not one of the people labeling you “flyover country,” you’ve got the same 500 channels and 200 Mbps down and 4G as we have on the coasts, so LISTEN!

So what is this?

I’m gonna ramble for a bit, setting up the topic, stimulating your brain cells to the point you’re gonna call in and tell me whether I’m right or wrong, a jerk or…

And to tell you the truth, I want your opinions, they help form MINE!

Sure, I’m reading all day, not out of obligation, but because I love it. But feedback informs me. Kinda like the last election. My inbox was filled with Trumpers, blowing the whistle every time I wrote something leftward-leaning. I knew Trump was a force, how come the big newspapers did not? BECAUSE THEY DON’T TALK TO ANYONE! They’re faceless names inside their own bubble. Whereas music is all about connection, we’re in it together. Not that we don’t have family squabbles.

That’s right, it’s me, with my opinion. And I don’t expect you to always agree, but that does not mean I don’t think I’m right. But unlike a Congressperson, I can change my mind. How come it’s illegal to change your mind in America? All the techies keep saying failure is the key to success, but nobody in power in the straight world wants to show any vulnerability.

Speaking of vulnerability, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the negative feedback got to me. I read it, it keeps me regular. Except for the blowhards who e-mail me every day. Haven’t you got anything better to do with your life? Two secrets, the longer the e-mail, the less prone I am to read it, and the more constant an e-mailer you are, same deal.

Not that there aren’t writers who I yearn to hear from. It’s just that in today’s cacophonous world where everybody’s got a voice and nobody’s listening there’s a level of frustration that no one acknowledges. The hype keeps coming down the pike and we don’t care. But we’ve got nowhere to complain.

But you can complain on my SiriusXM show.

Then again, if you’re a one-note caller who just wants to hear yourself talk… Expect not to get on.

But if you’ve got an opinion, and you can articulate it…

P.S. The first show was gonna be on ticketing, but I’ve changed my mind, it’s now gonna be on streaming, distribution. As you all know, my mantra is “Distribution Is King,” and if you don’t agree with that, you probably support Les Moonves. That’s right, he’s the same guy today as he was last week, but he has no REACH! No power to put shows on the air and hamper Janet Jackson’s career. Vindictive people are the enemy. But the point is, the power lies with those who decide what gets heard, what gets on the TV channel, on the streaming service. But now that almost everything is on Spotify, et al, how do you get noticed, do you need the label? Never forget, Spotify’s worth more than Sony Music or Warner Music, maybe only Universal is worth more. Furthermore, you respect your major distributor, which is why Wal-Mart pays less for product than anybody else, because they order more and ship and rack more. Do you want to be at the cash register at the independent hardware store or at every Wal-Mart? Your product remains the same, it’s only the distribution that changes. This is what we’re gonna talk about. I’m interested in your take.


Oh, one more thing, the phone # is 844-6-VOLUME, in other words 8440686-5863. As for Twitter, which we’ll be watching, it’s @siriusxmvolume and #lefsetzlive.


Rerun times are:

Tuesdays @ 11PM ET / 8PM PT
Thursdays @ 1PM ET / 10AM PT
Saturday @ 7PM ET / 4PM PT

And you can always pull the show up on demand on the SiriusXM app.


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