Monday, September 10, 2018

Facebook 'Watch' Video Hub Goes Global, Adds Features | hypebot

1With users spending an increasing amount of time consuming video content, the social networks have taken note, with Facebook now expanding its "Watch" section to go global, coupled with new content management features and advertising options.


By Jay Cook, Account Manager, Rights Management for The Orchard from The Daily Rind

As users spend more and more time watching video content, social networks have been taking a more hands-on approach to video in response. Facebook’s more formalized vision for video content launched under the “Watch” section last year and, as you read this post, has been expanded to a global feature of the social network. Facebook boasts about 2 billion active users, the same as YouTube, so don’t discount this opportunity to get your video content in front of users.

1The most significant change in Watch going global is that all pages, not just dedicated “Show Pages,” are now eligible to appear on the central hub homepage. Facebook has a full set of best practices to help your video content shine, but strategies you use for video content on services like YouTube are applicable here as well. Keep it authentic, relevant, and engaging! Use this as a chance to experiment with ideas like acoustic performances, Q&As, studio footage, and whatever else strikes your imagination. Since it is Facebook, interaction and community are the name of the game, but keep in mind that Facebook strictly discourages “engagement baiting” by directly asking your viewers to like or comment on your video.

In addition to broader global access for users, the Watch rollout includes new content management features and advertising options for broadcasters on the platform in the new Creator Studio. Keep in mind that The Orchard is still in the process of delivering our vast catalog of music to Facebook, and Facebook is still finalizing its set of features available to music rightsholders. Any changes to the process of sharing music or music videos will be communicated to you by your label managers in the upcoming months.


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