Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Elliott Smith & Kurt Cobain: 2 Cities, 2 Songwriters, 1 DIY Mentality | hypebot

1Although both residents of the Northwest, Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith shared much more than just a geographical similarity, and both represented a fiercely independent, do-it-yourself mentality which optimized the vibe of their respective cities of Seattle and Portland.


In this piece from MusicThinkTank Victoria Greene explores the creative legacy of Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith, and how their DIY mentality and strong connection to their cities fed into their music output.

"Neither Kurt Cobain nor Elliott Smith were born in the cities most closely associated with their names. Nor are they solely responsible for the do-it-yourself ethos that drives them. However, they’re two kindred spirits from two kindred cities. United by their spirit of DIY and admired the world over."

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