Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Certain Songs #1324: The New Pornographers – “Brill Bruisers” | Medialoper

Album: Brill Bruisers
Year: 2014

And so, every few years The New Pornographers would gather together and release a new album of weird-ass indie pop music, some of which I liked more than others, and as the first decade of the century gave way to the second, I kind of figured that I’d probably never like another one of their songs as much as I did “Letter From an Occupant,” “The Bleeding Heart Show” or even “The Laws Have Changed.”

And then I heard the title track from 2014’s Brill Bruisers on The Late Show With David Letterman, and it blew me away from the opening notes, a full-group chant that goes a little something like this:

Bo ba bup bup bah bo
Bo ba bup bup bah
Bo ba bup bup bah bo
Bo ba bup bup bah

With those en mass vocals showing up randomly during the verses and after every chorus, “Brill Bruisers” also sported a huge-ass descending guitar riff, everybody singing “ooooh” and a chorus that might be a metaphor for a crowd wanting an encore, or something else.

And the sea was all lighters
It was all lighters
And how we know how to never go back

But to me, it didn’t really matter what A.C. Newman was singing, I was too busy enjoying the “bo ba bup bup bah bo” chant over and over again, as it got bigger and bigger and bigger, engulfing not just the song but perhaps the entire world.

“Brill Bruisers”

“Brill Bruisers” live on The Late Show With David Letterman

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