Friday, August 3, 2018

Patreon Payments To Creators Fall After Fan Payments Flagged As Fraudulent | hypebot

Patreon NewMusicians and other creators are reporting a significant drop in payouts from fans because Patreon is declining a significant numbers of their fan subscribers payments on the patronage platform. Many creators are reporting a drop in income of 30% - 50%.

Patreon creators, who count on the fan patronage platform for income, are crying foul.  Many are reporting significantly lower payments due to what appears to be a combination of banking problems and changes to internal company operations.

"A years worth of progress on Patreon has been erased for me and for many others," tweeted creator Kay Bear.  "It’s ridiculous that they’d stay silent during this fiasco. Not so much as a tweet regarding investigating. I’m at 74% processed with 30% declined," wrote Jane Ray. 

Many affected creators are accusing the company of being slow to respond.  Patreon has now promised action, but for many artists, the damage has been done.


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