Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Meet Kayne West, Your New Financial Adviser | hypebot

Kayne nutsKanye West is a lot of things - he will even tell you that he contains multitudes - but one  surprising thing that he is certainly is a successful financial prognosticator.  OK, maybe that's for just the past year.

West, aka Mr. Kim Kardashian, gave his wife some stocks for Christmas. That’s cool. But it’s almost as if he went back in time and picked the best possible stocks, which have risen an accumulative total of 40%.

One stock gifted: Netflix, which has gained more than 90 percent since West made it a pick. Some of that was fueled by Netflix getting more Emmy nominations for HBO, the first time in 17 years.

Also in the portfolio: Amazon. Amazon’s stock has risen more than 50 percent since the holidays. Next up: Apple. Apple stock has risen a “meager” 14 percent since Kardashian got her stocks.

Adidas. Adidas is considered a gem.

Disney. That’s an OK 4 percent raise but it could have been an anchor that sank the portfolio – before the US antitrust approval that allows the company to buy 21st Century Fox’s assets.

West may not be a financial adviser on CNBC anytime soon but – wait – maybe he will be. Forty percent is 40 percent.

- CelebrityAccess


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