Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Do I Need A Manager Pt. 1 | Music Think Tank

Artist Point Of View

Is it time for a manager? Well, before we answer this, let’s quickly describe what a personal manager really does. Now the requirements can vary from case to case, but in general, the manager guides the artists career by becoming your business front. The manager is the one with the contacts, the know how, and a lot of times, the money. Although it is never a requirement of management, most times they become financial investors in your career by paying for studio time and may help even with your personal expenses (ie. rent, clothes, food, car notes). In return for this they will walk away with a percentage of your income. Usually 15% to 30%. And that’s not just a one time fee. Some manager contracts that I’ve seen secure that amount for every project that you touch, even long after you’ve parted ways. So back to the question, do you need one? Chris Lighty CEO of Violater Management

For most artists still trying to generate a buzz, the answer is NO. Although you may feel like you’re overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of your career, it’s probably not as bad as you think. On top of that, almost any established manager wants nothing to do with independent artists until they have generated a large buzz in at least their own city. And beginning managers don’t usually have the contacts or know how to successfully guide you. Remember, you will be putting your WHOLE career in this persons hands. Be sure that you are willing to be the test subject of a beginning manager. This is not to say that a novice manager is no good. Even the greatest of managers started somewhere. Just be careful of who you choose. It will be a VERY LONG TERM COMMITMENT. In closing, the decision to hire a manager is possibly the most important decision you will make in your career. It is not a job that you want just anybody to hold. No matter how good of a friend/cousin/brother/sister they may be. Starting out, it’s not that much work to book your own shows and you need to make the club/radio/dj rounds anyway so you can establish your own relationships. And when it’s time for management, you’ll know, because They will be coming to you! Check out part 2 of this piece here. [from https://ift.tt/1n4oEI8]

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