Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Vivendi in talks to buy Garorock Festival – report | Music Business Worldwide

Vivendi is said to be growing its live music business in France with the acquisition of Garorock Festival.

Negotiations with its founder and organizer Ludo Labordie are reportedly ongoing but there’s evidence to suggest a deal has been done, according to MGB.

Branded glasses made for the 22nd edition of Garorock, which took place from June 28, display the event’s logo alongside two festivals already owned by Vivendi: the Brive Festival in Corrèze and the Festival des Déferlantes.

Vivendi also owns Live at Campo in France, which returns for a third time at the end of July, and jazz music event Blue Note Festival. 

Garorock, which takes place in Marmande annually, is one of the biggest festivals in France and welcomes around 35,000 music fans each year.

Ending on July 1, the latest event included sets from Indochine, DJ Snake, Macklemore and Marilyn Manson.

The news is further evidence of Vivendi’s ambitions in the live music business — earlier this year, the Universal Music parent acquired Amsterdam-based ticketing and technology company Paylogic from LiveStyle.

Paylogic, which sells over 5 million tickets a year in more than 10 countries, has joined Vivendi’s international ticketing services arm, See Tickets, expanding its business to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, joining presence in the UK, France and Spain.

All in all, Vivendi owns about twenty music festivals around the world, including Love Supreme and Sundown Festival in the UK, Poptopia, UMusic Experience, the L Festival in the US, and Universal Music. Festival in Spain.Music Business Worldwide

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