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Top 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2018 | Evolvor Media

There are so many great things about Google Chrome: It’s super fast, has an easy-to-use design, takes just a few seconds to install — and it’s customizable.

Perhaps the best thing is that it comes with a wealth of extensions. In this article, we’re going to focus on the best SEO tools that will help you up your game, helping you track your performance, and climb up the rankings.

There are, in fact, an absolute pile of Chrome extensions for SEO in 2018. Here are the top 5:

google page insights plugin

Google PageSpeed Insights

We know how it is: you’ve got an amazing website — but the bounce rate is sky high. Why?

It could be that your website takes far too long to load.

Google uses page speed as a ranking factor, while over 50% of visitors expect your website to have loaded within just 2 seconds. If it takes just a second longer to load, your conversions will take a hit.

Page speed time, then, is important for SEO — and this is what makes PageSpeed Insights so useful. It finds out what aspects of your page are slowing things down, and it identifies what’s contributing to a bad mobile user experience.

It’s really easy to use, too. All you need to do is plug your website URL into PageSpeed Insights and hit the “Analyze” button. Once the analysis is all done, the tool will bring your attention to any issues that need resolving.

Often, it’s things like compression, cache and the size of your images that slow your pages down. But you won’t always know this unless you run your website through a tool like this.

seo redirect plugin

Redirect Path

“Redirects” is one of those technical terms that some people get a bit nervous about.

Essentially, when you give your website a makeover — or even move it to a new location — a redirect will work out if link juice has been passed on from the old URL to the new one. This is key because link juice gives you more credibility with Google and helps you climb the rankings.

Instead of manually checking URLs yourself, Redirect Path will do it all for you, and it also shows you every single redirect from the URL you inputted to the final one.

Like all Chrome extensions, once you’ve installed it, it will appear next to your address bar at the top right. Once a redirect error has been found, the icon conveniently changes. Click it and you’ll be able to find out exactly what’s happened.

If you need more details about any item in a path, click it and you’ll be presented with the server’s IP address and any extra HTTP headers that have been sent, such as caching and server types.

nightwatch seo plugin

Nightwatch Search Simulator

Search Simulator is a free Chrome extension that was developed by Nightwatch team and is aimed at both SEO newbies and pros.

In a nutshell, its premise is very simple but very effective and useful: Search Simulator lets you check search engine queries to find yours or your competitors’ websites in the Google rankings. It’s a rank checker for Chrome that lets you find out where someone — you or a rival — is ranking for a particular keyword.

Search Simulator also lets you simulate unbiased search engine queries without using a proxy or a VPN, and you can do it from any location on Google. Moreover, cookies don’t get in the way of your queries.

broken link checker seo plugin

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are bad news for SEO — really bad news. They prevent vital link juice from being passed around and they raise your bounce rate.

One problem: How do you know you’ve got broken links?

A solution: Broken Link Checker.

This SEO tool for Chrome is a simple, fast and hassle-free way of identifying broken links and eliminating 404 errors before it’s too late. The extension scans your website and produces a report in a matter of minutes. It analyses both internal and external links, but one slight grievance is that its icon in your toolbar is occasionally unresponsive.

moz seo plugin


Mozbar is a golden oldie. It’s been around for years but its enduring popularity is a testament to how good it is.

Basically, as soon as you land on a web page, Mozbar gets to work, performing a full audit and giving you access to info such as keyword highlights, link profile, and domain and page authority.

It works in two differs environments — as a toolbar each time you land on a website, and in the rankings as an overlay.

Mozbar also comes with a premium package that lets you access a keyword difficulty score in the SERP.

These are the top 5 must-have Chrome extensions for SEO in 2018. Install them, use them, and take your SEO campaigns and your website to the next level.

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