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Spotify Playlists, Influencer Marketing, YouTube Placement: Case Study Of Indie Band Victors | hypebot

1In this case study, the team at Burstimo worked to raise the profile of the band Victors to the next level, by hitting hard on YouTube, Spotify, industry influencers, and social media as whole. Here we explore the story of their success.


Guest post from Burstimo


“Maddy and Alex do go above and beyond with all aspects of their job! We are thrilled with the outcome and have built up a great working relationship with them to date, One which we hope to continue for well into the future. Everything and more you would expect to find in the professional team that is Burstimo” – VICTORS


Victors approached us to help promote their new single 'Slow Down', after generated 1.3m+ streams with their previous campaign, we wanted to take the awareness of the band to the next level. It was important to us to give the band something sustainable at the end of their campaign allowing them to continue the hype and build on it for future releases. The Burstimo team used the music, social media presence and overall branding to get Victors infront of their target market, to eventually help promote their single on Spotify and Radio as well as sell tickets for their gig.


With 85% of YouTube users using the platform for their music discovery, we knew YouTube would be the most beneficial platform and actually translate into streams, sales and genuine fans. The track was pitched to YouTubers of multiple styles such as general make up videos, travel vlogs, and lookbooks. Within a few weeks the track was picked up by multiple YouTubers, including major influencer and vlogger Kalyn Nicholson, with a subscriber count of over 1.4 million. Overall, the track was placed on over 10 videos with many YouTubers reusing the track in more than one video, reaching over 5.5 million viewers. With all the YouTubers crediting the track in the description, this led to VICTORS receiving over 10,000 Spotify streams in the first few days after release. 

Social Media Marketing

If you haven't been lucky enough to come across Victors social media content, we do suggest you check it out!

When we started working with Victors we watched all of their previous vlogs which had been uploaded to their YouTube channel. The band were incredibly talented at creating sketches and funny scenes which we could use as Social Media content to help gain new fans.

In marketing the golden rule is that you need to notice a brand 7 times before you make a purchase, and this is no different to artists. Therefore, we used the short clips to raise brand awareness of the band to help convince people to listen to their music.

Victors wanted us to help promote their gig in Leeds, UK as well as their music, so to achieve this we created a "sales funnel" which started with using small clips which were engaging and shareable.

  • We targeted people who were 25 mi from Leeds and were fans of similar bands such as The 1975.
  • With some videos reaching up to 35 shares and 17,000 views
With 17,000 people viewing this who could potentially become fans of the music this created a fantastic starting point to begin targeting a new audience.

We then retargeted this audience with longer and more revealing sketches of the band, which fans were more inclined to watch as they'd already seen previous videos of the band.

After creating brand awareness, we began to promote the music videos and the music itself, leading to 1,600 new views on the Youtube video as well as additional Spotify streams.

Now that we had created brand awareness for the band and got ears on their music within reach of their gig, we advertised their gig to the audience which resulted in 120 people clicking "Book Now" on their ticket sales page. 



On release day, VICTORS were placed on an Editor’s Choice Spotify Official playlist. The playlist secured them their first few thousand plays, generating Discover Weekly and Top Recommendation placements, triggering further streams.



Influencers are a really successful avenue for promotion. Therefore, once the track was released, we’ll reached out to major influencers such as larger artist, but also mico-influencers to share the track. We focused on large artists who were fans of similar artists such as The 1975 and soon made a fan of indie electronic artist ZAXX, who has over 30 million streams on Spotify.


Besides major influencers, we approached micro influencers such as individuals with a Twitter account of 1k + who are fans of a similar band, then we push for a Tweet. Gaining multiple shares, confirmed the track has been put in front of thousands of people, increasing streams and overall fanbase.




The radio friendly indie pop tune gathered plays across the UK, with it premiering on Shell Zenna’s Amazing Radio show. Receiving such strong feedback after the play led to Charlie Ashcroft giving the track a spin and it reaching number 10 in the Amazing Radio Charts. Set up by the team behind Absolute Radio, national radio station Union Jack interviewed frontman Harry Waterhouse as well as BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire and BBC Leeds playing out a full interview. 

Outside national radio, we secured plays on in-store radio stations globally. The track was played out in over 7,000 Co-Ops across the UK, with VICTORS being featured as the ‘Co-Op New Artist’ on their in-store radio. Outside of the UK, ‘Slow Down’ was added to over 56 retail stores around Australia with Go Go Media.


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