Friday, July 6, 2018

On The Road: 5 Tips To Help Your Band Travel Light When On Tour | Music Think Tank

Getting your band’s name out there is not simple. One thing you might have to do is plan tours and commit to being on the road. One of the hardest things about being on the road is carrying a heavy load but you actually do not have to. The following are five tips for traveling light.

Light on Clothes

One thing you can do is stop traveling with all those outfits. All you really need is a pair of pants and a few shirts. You just have to make sure you wash your items every so often to make sure your clothes are clean by the time you are on stage again.

Localize Needs

Some people travel with shampoos or grooming devices to achieve the look they want. You do not have to since most hotels already come with shampoos and soaps. You can also buy these in local stores if needed. Those with grooming needs should simply visit a barber from time to time.

Use Movers

Part of what makes traveling as a band hard is all your equipment, which can be pretty heavy. The good news is that you do not have to lug these things around if you hire professional movers such as Walsh Moving & Storage. These guys should handle your stuff carefully, and you can even insure your equipment just in case. Those with multiple stops can create a moving plan to get your stuff where it needs to be on time.

Smaller Spaces

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to reduce the amount of stuff you are carrying from gig to gig is reduce your space. Travel in smaller vehicles, and make sure you all purchase smaller luggage. This will force you to limit the things you travel with and can stop you from buying things you do not need while traveling.

Use Carriers

Okay, there are times when you find something special on the road or you are given a gift. You cannot pass up the opportunity if you really need the item you found, and you shouldn’t throw away gifts. For these moments, you can simply use a carrier to deliver some of these things to your home, family member, or a friend so that you can continue on your tour without carrying much.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions make it easier for you to travel light. Make sure you pass on these tips to your band members because you should all travel light. It may seem like a sacrifice, but you’ll have an easier time this way.


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