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Essential Artist One-Sheet Checklist | hypebot

1For artists and bands, the single page overview of your band/music that is your one-sheet can be your ticket to selling your performance. Here we look at some of the must-haves to be included in such a document.



Guest post by Garrett Gomez of Repost

For those unfamiliar, a one-sheet is a one page overview of your band and/or music. Often, a one-sheet is used by PR agents, distributors, and other industry professionals to determine how sellable your band is to any given audience. When crafting a one-sheet, you want to ensure that it’s pleasing to the eye and making an impactive impression of your band. By following our essential checklist, your one-sheet will stun readers and professionals alike.

1. Short Bio

Writing a short bio that stands out from other bands and artists is critical. Be sure to craft a unique statement. Too many one-sheets have overused phrasing, “Our band is unlike any other…“ or, “You won’t believe your ears…“ Steer away from overused and abstract statements. Try to include something only your band has. People are drawn to stories, so write a good one.

2. Press Photo

Using a phone camera or other unprofessional device will make your image less attractive, so you will need a professionally shot photograph of you or your group. An image will tell just as much about how you are as your writing will. If you are struggling to come up with a look, check out the bands you love to see how they style themselves.

3. Upcoming Releases

Have a new EP, album, or single coming out? Include the release title, release date, cover art, and UPC for the reader’s benefit. If you don’t have anything coming out soon, include a previous release. If you received positive press on the previous release, include the best three press quotes, too.

4. Shows

Include all the dates for your future shows. If you have a tour coming up, make sure you bold where you’re playing and which days. Still rehearsing before your big show? No worries. Go back to your photos and story to highlight your sound and aesthetic.

5. Selling Points

  • Sold out shows?
  • Featured play on radio stations?
  • Recorded with one of the best?
  • Have strong social media engagement and popularity?

Any and all of these should be included in your one-sheet. You should aim to come off as a credible artist. We know you’re talented, so show the world you’re talented, too. Check out this one sheet below for a visual.

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