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Certain Songs #1277: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Over and Over” | Medialoper

Album: Ragged Glory
Year: 1990

Recorded at Plywood Digital, Broken Arrow Ranch on April 27, 1990

But the best track on Ragged Glory kinda slipped in under the radar.

Unlike “Love To Burn” and “Love and Only Love,” “Over and Over” was under 10 minutes long; unlike “Fuckin’ Up” and “Mansion on the Hill” it didn’t have an instantly-memorable chorus; and unlike all of the above (plus “Country Home” & “Days That Used To Be”) it wasn’t played on the Ragged Glory tour, and apparently not played live ever until 2012.

Anchored by a twin guitar hook played by Neil & Frank Sampedro in unison, “Over and Over” alternates verses that describe a relationship that runs hot and cold, to say the least.

At night when the sky is clear
And the moon is shining down
My heart goes running back to you
I love the way you open up and let me in
So I go running back to you
Over and over again

One of the things that distinguishes Ragged Glory from the other NYCH albums are the harmonies, which are upfront in a way that they really weren’t on any other Crazy Horse record, and which Neil reportedly spent a lot of time getting exactly right, and nowhere does it sound more right than on the chorus of “Over and Over,” as all four guys chime in, and it is lovely.

Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you
Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you

Of course, that’s just part of the awesomeness of “Over and Over,” much of the rest of it is provided by Neil Young, who provides long soaring searing leads before the song even starts and after every single chorus, because that’s just how Neil rolls on Ragged Glory

The solos usually take off from the twin guitar part, Neil slowly breaking away from the main riff, exploring avenues and alleyways, always moving forward with clumps of notes, shards of feedback and melodic spirals that twist back to the main song every time.

“Over and Over”

“Over and Over” Official Music Video (3:40)

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