Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bryan Fogel-This Week’s Podcast | Lefsetz Letter

Did you see “Icarus”?

You should, but you don’t need to to enjoy this podcast.

Bryan Fogel was in director hell. His one feature tanked. What was he gonna do next?

It came to him as he was riding his bike. Something he got hooked on back in Denver, where he grew up. He raced until he had an accident and lost a bunch of teeth and after recovering wondered if it was all worth it. But if he doped, could he win?

That’s what you’ll learn in this podcast, the reality of doping. It just makes you recover better, it doesn’t make you an instant winner.

So outsider Fogel creates a computer company. Then he moves to L.A. and takes acting classes. Starts a showcase. Ends up writing a play that makes it to New York and ultimately becomes a movie. He’s a self-starter, he won, but now he was down on his luck.

So he decided to do this movie. Where he doped.

He did not know he would expose the Russian doping ring and get the country banned from the Olympics and win an Oscar in the process.

Yes, some people have big dreams that go unfulfilled. Others don’t contemplate the brass ring but reach it just by putting one foot in front of another.

So his original investor insists on a producer who doesn’t want to make the movie Fogel wants to. Bryan doesn’t want to have a second project be less than it can be, so he convinces the investor to play ball.

And Bryan dopes according to the precepts of Grigory Rodchenkov and…

Now Grigory is in hiding in the U.S. and…

Putin keeps denying it all.

Yes, “Icarus” might ostensibly be about bike racing, but in truth it’s about so much more. When Putin lies in the face of damning evidence it makes you wonder what else he’s lying about.

Really, you should see “Icarus,” it’s on Netflix. At first you might think it’s a bike racing movie, but hang in there, when the doping story begins…

And be sure to listen to this podcast, not because I made it, but because Bryan Fogel and his story are so FASCINATING!

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