Friday, June 29, 2018

Tips For First Time Instrument, Audio Equipment Buyers | hypebot

MusicthinktanklogoFor musicians, buying instruments or gear can be a stressful experience, with so many different factors to consider it can be easy to end up making an expensive purchase that you later regret. Here we go over some tips for first time equipment purchasers that can help prevent buyers remorse.

In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, Kenzie Fitzpatrick details five key things to keep in mind when buying new instruments or audio equipment that will help the consumer avoid a regrettable purchase.

"Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned musician who’s been playing for years, it’s unwise to throw all of your money down for one piece of equipment. Sure, it’s easy to become obsessed with that one piece of equipment you’ve convinced yourself will finally help you achieve that tone you’ve been after…but in most cases, one single item isn’t going to do the job all on its own."

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