Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Musician's Guide To Getting Endorsements | hypebot

1Getting an endorsement as a musician can do a lot for advancing your career, but making it happen has changed a lot over the years. Here we look at five key tips for increasing your chances of landing a coveted endorsement, and what it means once you do.


In this latest post on MusicThinkTankMonique Hernandez-Fuentes offers some helpful pointers on what artists can do to land an endorsement.

"Maybe you’re a lifelong fan of Fender but there are so many musicians that play a Stratocaster, it can be hard to get noticed. There is an amazing amount of boutique companies today that are easy to connect with via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

So even though you might play a Strat until the day you die, be open to a variety of other companies. You never know who you will connect with that might want to partner with you as an artist. Also, be open to product endorsement from smaller products like pedal manufacturers, straps, or even capo companies!"

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