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Instagram's IGTV Allows Artists To Post Longform Videos, As Long As They're Vertical | hypebot

1In this piece Chris Robley walks us through exactly how artists and bands can set about utilizing Instagram's new IGTV in order to easily upload longform video - provided its in vertical form.


By Chris Robley from CDBaby's DIY Musician blog

Musicians, now you can share your FULL music videos on Instagram… as long as they’re VERTICAL.Vertical — as in, skinny. Not widescreen/landscape.

Ya know: VERTICAL — the way most people view their phones.

Vertical music videos. Vertical lyrics videos. Vertical live-streams. Vertical absurdity.

Create your own IGTV channel and it will be linked from your Instagram profile

IGTV is an Instagram platform for video creators to go long, sharing videos as lengthy as one hour! So your music videos will TOTALLY make the cut.

You can create your own IGTV channel, and it will show up towards the top of your normal Instagram profile. And as of right now, there are NO ads!

Also, your followers on Instagram could get a nice, bright message at the top of their screen announcing you’ve posted an IGTV video! See the orange strip at the top of this screenshot:

IGTV video announcement bar

The aspect ratio for your vertical videos on IGTV

A unique consideration when filming or editing your videos for IGTV: instead of 1920×1080, flip that around and go with 1080×1920.

Here’s how to post a long vertical video on Instagram/IGTV:

1. Download the IGTV app on your device

2. Open the app

3. Click the “settings” wheel next to your profile pic

IGTV for musicians

4. Click “Create Channel”

How to make your IGTV channel

5. Click through the following screens

6. Upload your vertical video by clicking the “Upload Video” text.

IGTV for music videos

7. During the upload process you can also link your IGTV account WITH and share directly TO Facebook.

The 1st vertical lyric-video on IGTV?

I knew this feature was coming, so last week I made a vertical lyrics video for my new song “Let You Go”in preparation. I posted it this morning, hoping it’d be the very first lyrics video on IGTV!!! Did some other Joe beat me to the punch?

Check it out and leave a comment HERE.


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