Friday, June 8, 2018

7 Ways To Engage More Fans On Twitter | hypebot

1For musicians, finding success on Twitter depends on successfully making a connection with fans. Even if you're not wildly popular on Twitter, the platform provides a great opportunity for engaging potential fans and defining your personal brand.


In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, Joan Selby outlines seven ways artists can better engage with fans on Twitter.

"Start by following the people from your email network. Twitter links to your email account and suggests these profiles to you. Interact with the profiles you follow and keep expanding your network.

Here’s a trick that will speed things up: check out the list of followers on the profile of a fellow musician. These people are already interested in the style of music you produce. Check out their profiles and give some of them a follow. If they notice interesting activity on your profile, they will follow back. "

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