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10 Reasons Fans Don't Give To Your Kickstarter Campaign [Kosha Dillz] | hypebot

Kosha DillzIndie hip hop artist and music marketer extraordinaire Kosha Dillz is in the middle of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his new album N"obody Cares Except You" and, like the rest of us, he's learning as he goes. But what's surprised him the most is why fans say they're not participating.

By indie hip hop artist Kosha Dillz 

I recently have dived into the world of crowdfunding. I made a video that was too long and also made a song that no one heard and thought hey, lets do a Kickstarter too! A good thing that I have is thick skin,  and I wanted to make fun of my daily No’s that I receive every day. Some great excuses have come up and I think they should all be taken with a grain of salt, but let us have some fun and show you the responses I get.   I made a list of the top reasons people had in not giving to my current kickstarter campaign.

  1. I don’t get paid till next week. - This doesn’t matter as kickstarts his an all or nothing platform. Make sure people know that since my campaign ends June 28, you can only be charged on that date. It is sort of like pledging to someones marathon to run to find a cure for cancer.  You have to actually finish the marathon. If I don’t raise the $18,018
  2. I’m going through a divorce. - My response the person was that I am also single, and I support people. It didn’t go over well. Maybe I could say I am considering getting married, and if you pledge, I will reconsider.
  3. The country is getting bombed - I met a guy in Israel and I really wanted him to pledge because if he could pledge while getting shelled from Hamas than no one has an excuse but he still hasn’t budged. Then I thought "hey man if you pledge there is literally no excuse for anyone right now." For anyone's info, this  referring to the 100 rockets shot into Israel by Hamas during the past week.
  4. I can’t even pay rent - I find it hard to believe you eat every day, go on Instagram, and drive a car, but you can’t pay rent. And besides, $5 doesn’t kill you and it builds momentum.!
  5. Let me talk it over with my girl - Hey man I’m not asking you to move in to my house while you’re dating a woman (that’s odd). I’m just asking you to pledge to my kickstarter!  I'm sure she supports you making decisions by yourself.
  6. Hit me up before the end of the month - Hey man. It has taken me over a year to hit you up, and I can’t believe you even picked up the phone TBH. Why don’t you give now? I will probably forget to call you for another year. 
  7. I’m also gonna do a kickstarter - What does that have to do with me?  I get that I inspired you to also not have a job and ask people for money for my art but that doesn’t mean you can swindle your way out of not pledging mister. Support your supporters. I have over 20 pledges on my kickstarter profile that I have given to, versus only doing three campaigns.
  8. My wife will kill me - Well I assume that is better option than you killing you wife yah?  What kind of person are you?
  9. We are moving at the end of the month - Congratulations. This vinyl will sound amazing in your new home.  Don’t tell me you are moving, because one of my options is actually rapping for you while you are moving and fighting with your family? 
  10. Get the F#$k out of here - Even thought we are all living in the cloud, lets just say there is now room for one more person to be friends with on Facebook. 

I think I am doing good in making light for my Kickstarter. I sold out of my  candle lit dinners, some high end merch packages and most of all, its my  full time job.  Overtime, you realize when you are enjoying doing another activity (Netflix, movies)  is the same time you can spend on Kickstarter contacting people.

 I am raising $18,018 for my album Nobody Cares Except You, and it surely is hard work, but I do enjoy the rejection as I slowly succeed! It will be much sweeter when they come back and say yes! I’ll pledge! Activating this is one hell of a task but I also want you to see what it’s like to get lots of reasons to not support someone. The above reasons are all examples of responses to me and my responses to them.

o I know you may be thinking this. Why is kickstarter better? Why didn't i choose something else that gives instantly? It’s more fun and the idea that you can lose everything really helps you in the long run when you get it all! 

If you are not comfortable with asking for money than you are probably in the wrong business. Get yours anyway you have to get it.

Kosha Dillz is an unsigned hip hop artist that curates his own official SXSW showcase called OY VEY. This summer he will be playing all 38 shows of Vans Warped Tour on the Transform stage and Full Sail University Stage. He has a great Spotify page and bandsintown page and of course you should pledge something to his kickstarter for his upcoming album Nobody Cares Except You. If you want to chat more with him contact him at 


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