Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Server update, 2018-05-09 | MusicBrainz Blog

This bugfix release mainly addresses UI regressions from the previous server release. Thanks to reosarevok, it now handles license links for works and SoundCloud links for places. Another change is that emails sent with a hidden address from the website by other editors are now using like other emails from the website do. The git tag is v-2018-05-09.


  • [MBS-9658] – /instruments page breaks if a new instrument type is added but not used
  • [MBS-9673] – Entity search options in the header are no longer translated
  • [MBS-9693] – Tags without vote are not immediately visible
  • [MBS-9705] – Overview tab link is now appended with /show
  • [MBS-9708] – Querying area containments is very slow


  • [MBS-9639] – Extend Soundcloud relationship to places
  • [MBS-9688] – Add autoselect and cleanup for work license rel
  • [MBS-9692] – Normalize VocaDB and UtaiteDB URLs to HTTPS
  • [MBS-9696] – Replace with in hidden email From field

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